TRANSCEND is the place where BIPOC entrepreneurs who are ready to break the financial ceiling, go to get educated, become inspired, and create generational wealth.  



The ultimate goal is to build a business and leave a legacy. The sticking point is that you don't know how to build wealth. 

Your Goals: 

✓ Be successful 

✓ Live debt free 

✓ Do better than your parents 


The Reality: 


The wealth gap in America is consistently increasing, despite our greatest desire of leaving some assets behind for our children and grandchildren in an effort to create generational wealth. 

While full-time entrepreneurship is not for everyone, even a side-hustle can change a family's financial landscape, if they know how to use the business to build wealth.

How would your life be different if you could build, grow, and sustain a business that amassed enough assets to actually create generational wealth?

Imagine being able to get:

 Live and on-demand legal workshops from an attorney 

Business building guidance from a business coach

Resources and education to take advantage of financial tools

Mindset support

to help you get your business off the ground.


More than just legal structure is needed to get started and to stay in business. TRANSCEND is the resource and community you need to help you build and grow a sustainable business. 


With monthly trainings, coaching calls, and community support to help you create generational wealth, this is a membership like no other. 


Where else can you get culturally relevant business and legal advice designed specifically to help you use your business to create financial security for generations to come? 


Everything you need to build a business and leave a legacy. 



TRANSCEND is not your average membership.

This membership not only gives you community and business building resources, but teaches you how to master various assets of your business, from mindset to wealth building and marketing to scaling. 


You can eliminate the guess work in forming your own business, and receive expert  guidance and community support along the way. 


Training |  Legal Education | Community 




What the Community Is Saying



  • On-demand access and live legal workshops provided by an attorney

  • Support from industry experts

  • Themed content around business building, mindset, and wealth generation 

  • Weekly coaching calls

  • Content vault to access trainings & masterclasses 


PLUS, you get access to my 3 signature workshops! 


From Me to LLC

Walks California business owners through the process of forming their own limited liability companies.



Teaches business owners how to protect themselves before signing on the dotted line.


Before You Hire!

Explains the differences between independent contractors and employees and guides business owners through the hiring process. ​








Get twelve months for the price of ten when you pay for the year.

I want you to be 100% confident when you join TRANSCEND. 



While I can’t guarantee money back, I can guarantee that I am determined to help you reach your business and financial goals. In TRANSCEND you will get:



✓ The tangible resources you need to protect both your personal and business assets


✓ Courses to help you register your business as an LLC (with the California Secretary of State), daft your own contracts, and hire employees 


✓ Trainings to give you real-time advice and feedback 


✓ Community to hold you accountable and provide support, because business is not to be done alone



...provided you make the investment and commitment, to show up and do the work. ​


Meet your Attorney & Coach

Asha Wilkerson, Esq.!

When I began practicing law 11 years ago, I knew I wanted to help people build foundations of protection. I'm a California licensed attorney and a full-time college educator. I have run my own law firm, focusing on business and employment law, for the past 10 years. In that time I have helped countless California businesses go from idea to operation by creating corporations, limited liability companies, and non-profit organizations.


I firmly believe more than just legal structure is needed to get started and to stay in business. I’ve encountered many business coaches who miss the mark in discussing the legal side of things. So, I decided to bridge my legal skill, passion for teaching, and my experience as an entrepreneur to create a membership focused on supporting black and brown entrepreneurs through starting, growing, and sustaining a business. 


I truly think there are few things more empowering than becoming an entrepreneur! ​


Yes, if you are: 

✓  A sole owner or working with a team of business owners, and are ready to go to the next level

✓  Want to learn and understand the legal and financial aspects of starting and growing a business

✓  Ready to build wealth and a sustainable business

✓  Need the help of an attorney, business coach, & team of experts 

✓  Looking for mindset, marketing, branding, and sales support

✓  Are seeking a community of business owners, to grow a supportive network

So, why should you join TRANSCEND, right now? 


Starting a business has so many moving pieces. Oftentimes, you don’t want to spend money that you’re not yet making. So you go to Google, get confused, and start from scratch over and over again.


I have talked to numerous business owners who have attempted to DIY their business and have purchased the wrong item from legal websites or gotten themselves into a financial bind, only to reach out to an attorney or business coach to help them get back on track.


With TRANSCEND, not only are you getting an attorney and team of industry experts to guide you, but you're also stepping into a community of like-minded, growth-oriented, wealth-building entrepreneurs who also want to see you win. 


Building a business might be an individual idea, but growing a business requires a network. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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