Ariana G.

DEI Consultant

From filing my llc, to reading and negotiating contracts, to learning more about intellectual property, and so much more, my confidence as a business-person has grown tremendously.

Moriah M.

Health + Wellness Coach

You have totally demystified the business formation process. Thank you so much!

Geana S.

GDS Cloth Goods

Looking for a community of women of color entrepreneurs ready to build generational wealth and leave a legacy for your loved ones? TRANSCEND is for you.

Asha is an amazing leader - she is attentive and focused on the business success of her clients. If there is a question she doesn't have an answer to, she will seek the answer out for you AND give you a couple referrals to back it up with. That's how thorough she is and how strongly she feels about her clients.

So if you have been struggling with making the financial decision to join TRANSCEND, I say go for it. The value you will receive will far exceed your investment.

Chika O.

Certified Public Accountant

The LLC course was great, very digestible steps.

TRANSCEND is a way to find community. To understand these things I get tripped up about. This program and your online courses are super easy to navigate.

You are a black woman and a lawyer in Oakland, serving BIPOC communities. Who doesn’t want to be a part of this?

Annalyn C.

Life + Career Coach

I appreciate the access to you and to other resources...attorneys, copywriting coaches. I was able to clear paths that were blocked in just an hour.

The accountability each week that we do meet has been so impactful to my business and on my confidence. The more I learn the more brave I feel about attacking something that was scary just 6 months ago.

Lillian H.

Real Estate Transcations Coordinator


What's Included?

 Branding and marketing workshops to get the right eyes on your business.

Coaching to move past doubt and fear to run your business like a CEO

Strategies to work through the stress and overwhelm of being an entrepreneur...you're not alone!

Resources and education to take advantage of financial tools

Action steps for setting up bank accounts and saving buckets so you have a process for building financial wealth and freedom. 

Business building guidance from a business coach

Systems workshops so you know what to do in your business and when. When do you pay taxes, when do you launch the next product? 

 Live and on-demand legal workshops from an attorney 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is TRANSCEND for?

I’m a new business owner is this a good fit for me? 

How much time will I need to commit to learning? ​

Can I cancel or get a refund? 

What happens after I join?

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